Pape Moe is my own personal workshop.

Here i paint, sketch, create and teach. Here an art lover, a visitor, can actually watch the process of creating a real peace of art, a painting or an artistic installation. Every painting i have done and hasn’t been sold or is a part of a private, personal collection, is at the current moment in the workshop, as a permanent exhibition, ready for everyone to come and see, observe them and discuss with me the details of the technique or anything else evolving the paintings. If you are interested about buying a painting you can contact me via e-mail at or via the contact sheet and the telephone numbers you find on the web page.

If you are in Thessaloniki and close by to Pape Moe, please don’t hesitate to pass by for a closer look of the painting.

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If you are interested for an illustration of a book, please contact me here or go directly to :

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Ioanna Kiriakou was born in Thessaloniki in 1983. She studied art and painting at the faculty Plastic Arts and Sciences of Art, University of Ioannina, Greece. After that she worked at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art for some time and then as a teacher for the educational project called ‘Pais Opera’ which means ‘child and Opera’, whose purpose was to introduce Opera as an artistic spectacle to the children of Thessaloniki created by the Opera Thessalonikis. During 2009-2010 she stayed a year in Paris where she studied at the University Paris VIII Saint Denis, and she obtained the Master 1 Cooperation Artistique Internationale. In 2010 she returned to Thessaloniki where she founded and runs until today the workshop and gallery of Art Pape Moe. She has participated in many exhibitions, group and personal in Thessaloniki and other greek cities. Her creations are in several private collections in Greece and around the world. She also works as a scene painter and illustrator.


18/01-18/02 2013 »Fragments in space» , individual exhibition at Artroom Kafodeion Ellinikon, Ioustinianou 3, Thessaloniki.

07/ 12/2012 - 31/01 2013 Participation at the Festival Athens Πεινάλε, Booze Cooperativa, Kolokotroni 57, Athens.

17 – 31 /10 / 2012 «Fragments» individual exhibition at Melia Cafe, Mitropoleos 70, Thessaloniki.

14- 16/09/2012 Art Installation «Twisted Wonderland», Forbidden Fest, contACT Art Club, Regoukou 31, Thessaloniki.

21/4-05/05/2012 Group exhibition «Rewind», art gallery Pape Moe, Sarantaporou 33, Thessaloniki.

17-31/3/2012 Group exhibition Bar-café Allos Mondo, Stratigou Kalari 6, Thessaloniki.

16-17-18/3/2012 Participation at Di.P.Art Festival, Kodra , Thessaloniki, Art installation «What is your image?».

04/02-18/02/2012 individual exhibition at «Manipulations». Bar Ultimo Piacere, Lordou Virona 3, Thessaloniki.

08/10-10/11/2011 Group exhibition, «Tete a Terre», art gallery Pape Moe.

08/06-08/08/2011 Group exhibition, «Skets», art gallery Pape Moe.

02/04-02/05/2011 Group exhibition, «Latter Anthropology», art gallery Pape Moe.

05/05-05/06/2009 individual exhibition at, «Inside My Head». Bar Pierrot le Fou, Armenopoulou 14, Thessaloniki.

28/01-15/03/2009 Group exhibition, «Moments of movement». Bar Sp!timou, Leontos Sofou 26, Thessaloniki.

15/12/2008-06/03/2009 individual exhibition, «Trois voyages et Un amour». Café-Bar-Restaurant Simfonia, Ermou 21 , Thessaloniki.

20/10-20/11/2007 individual exhibition «Autumn air», Restaurant Le Due Terre, Vasileos Georgiou 22, Thessaloniki.

01/05-01/07/2006 individual exhibition , No title, Bar Nero pou kaiei, Proxenou Koromila ,Thessaloniki.

07-08/2004 Group exhibition and participation at the contest «10 images for Ithaca», Ithaca.

05/2004 Group exhibition at Thimomeno Portraito, Ioannina.